Accounting Master Degree : Rental Information

Accounting Master Degree : Rental Information

The Complete Guide to Investing in Rental Properties

The Complete Guide to Investing in Rental Properties

The Landlord's Survival Guide: How to Succesfully Manage Rental Property as a New or Part-Time Real Estate Investor

The Landlord's Survival Guide: How to Succesfully Manage Rental Property as a New or Part-Time Real Estate Investor

The Vacation Rental Organizer

The Vacation Rental Organizer A book to help organize all aspects of a vacation rental property. Keeps track of rentals, maintenance, and much more. This book helps readers manage their rental properties and keep track of important information all in one place. Specifically designed to meet the needs of vacation property owners, The Vacation Rental Organizer is convenient, easy to use, and best of all, portable — so vacation property management can go anywhere! How to Succeed and Make Money with Your First Rental House

How to Succeed and Make Money with Your First Rental House Firsthand advice on overcoming fear of failure and getting started in real estate investing

In How to Make Money and Succeed with Your First Rental House, Douglas Keipper tells the true story of how he overcame his fear of real estate investing and made money on his first rental house. He provides a formula for renovating and renting houses while taking advantage of the new tax law and shows novices how to avoid the common mistakes. With this book, anyone can learn to supplement their income and get into the most popular investment vehicle in the country.

Douglas A. Keipper (Duluth, CA) is an Atlanta-based financial advisor, who began investing in real estate when the slumping stock market threatened his family's financial security.
Sean Lyden (Cartersville, GA) is a nationally recognized columnist and feature writer on marketing and entrepreneurial issues.

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Why Buy RV Rental Insurance?

When you think about Buy RV Rental Insurance, what do you think of first? Which aspects of Buy RV Rental Insurance are important, which are essential, and which ones can you take or leave? You be the judge.

Many people choose to rent recreational vehicles (RVs) to use while on vacation. Some of the time, these rental RVs can be covered through the driver’s auto insurance policy. The way to do this is to first obtain an Insurance Binder/Endorsement from the auto insurance provider. Next, the RV rental agency must be added to the auto insurance policy as an “additionally insured” and a “loss payee.” There are many limits and complications to this option. Many drivers find that this coverage is not adequate and choose to purchase additional coverage through the rental agency. This is often a better option because it is less complicated and provides more comprehensive coverage. RV rental insurance is usually very reasonably priced and is most often secured through MBA Insurance.

The more authentic information about Buy RV Rental Insurance you know, the more likely people are to consider you a Buy RV Rental Insurance expert. Read on for even more Buy RV Rental Insurance facts that you can share.

It is a good idea for RV renters to purchase additional RV rental insurance. This covers the renter if there are damages to the RV, or if the RV damages other vehicles or property. The fact that most RV renters do not regularly drive RVs makes rental insurance a particularly good idea. RV rental insurance can usually be purchased from the RV rental agency for a reasonable daily fee. The fee varies depending on the rental agency and the particular model of RV. Insurance for smaller RVs starts around $15 per day, with medium sized RVs often costing $20 a day, and the largest models costing $25 daily. It is usually a good idea for renters to purchase Supplemental Liability Insurance. This insurance usually costs about $10 a day and provides the renter with liability protection up to one million dollars.

Most RV rental agencies provide insurance through MBA Insurance. MBA is the top name in RV rental insurance and has provided its services since 1978. MBA protects both renters and the rental agencies. Their policies save the rental agencies money by insuring the renters and keeping costs low for the rental agency. MBA Insurance provides the renter with full coverage, including liability up to a million dollars, collision, uninsured motorist, and comprehensive. Most RV renters choose to purchase this insurance through the RV rental agency, but it can also be obtained through the renter’s auto insurance company in many cases.

Now you can understand why there's a growing interest in Buy RV Rental Insurance. When people start looking for more information about Buy RV Rental Insurance, you'll be in a position to meet their needs.

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