Accounting Master Degree : Rental Information

Accounting Master Degree : Rental Information

Sailing on a Budget: Moneywise Tips and Deals on Boat Purchases, Rental, Dockage, Destinations, and More

Sailing on a Budget: Moneywise Tips and Deals on Boat Purchases, Rental, Dockage, Destinations, and More

How to Find, Buy and Turnaround Small, Mismanaged Rental Properties for Maximum Profit

How to Find, Buy and Turnaround Small, Mismanaged Rental Properties for Maximum Profit In How To Find, Buy And Turnaround Small Mismanaged Rental Properties For Maximum Profit, you get a heavy dose of practical, no-nonsense advice on how to avoid the common mistakes that many investors make when buying and turning small, mismanaged rental properties around. In this one-of-a-kind 92 page special report, Tom Lucier has applied the time-tested real estate investment strategy of buying low and selling higher known as the BLASH Principle, and refined it into the following four steps: Step#1: Buy small class "C" and "D" mismanaged rental properties in stable areas for at least twenty percent below market value on buyer-friendly terms with seller financed mortgage loans.
Step# 2: Implement aggressive property management techniques during the turnaround that raise rental rates, reduce vacancies, cut operating expenses and increase the property's net income.
Step#3: Apply an industrial strength cleaning and cosmetic facelift during the turnaround that maximizes the property's curb appeal and resale value.
Step#4: Package, market and resell small rental properties as turnkey operations for maximum profit after the turnaround is completed. How To Find, Buy And Turnaround Small, Mismanaged Rental Properties For Maximum Profit is a complete step-by-step guide that has detailed information on exactly how to: 1. Buy small mismanaged rental properties at below market purchase prices on buyer-friendly terms.
2. Perform due diligence on small mismanaged rental properties.
3. Estimate the current market value of a small mismanaged rental property.
4. Quickly turn small mismanaged rental properties around for maximum profit and resale value.
5. Properly prepare your purchase agreement and protect your interests as buyer during the transaction.
6. Fix-up small mismanaged rental properties for maximum curb appeal and resale value.
7. Package, market and resell small rental properties for maximum profit.
8. Run a profitable residential rental housing business. The real estate investment strategy that Thomas J. Lucier has outlined in How To Find, Buy And Turnaround Small, Mismanaged Rental Properties For Maximum Profit will work in any residential rental market nationwide. That's because every rental market has more than its fair share of incompetent small rental property owners who are experts at property mismanagement. As a result, there are ample opportunities for knowledgeable investors to profit from small, mismanaged rental properties in any rental housing market nationwide. How To Find, Buy And Turnaround Small, Mismanaged Rental Properties For Maximum Profit comes complete with the following ready-to-use worksheets, letters, checklists and agreements: 1. Letter To Small, Mismanaged Rental Property Owners. 2. HUD Multifamily Unit Inspection Form. 3. Monthly Income And Expense Worksheet. 4. Property Repair Cost Estimate Worksheet. 5. Small Mismanaged Rental Property Current Market Value Worksheet. 7. Purchase Agreement. 8. Phase One Environmental Audit Checklist. 9. Phase Two Environmental Audit Checklist. 10. Assignment Of Rental Agreements. 11. Tenant Estoppel Letter. 12. Walk-Around Property Inspection Checklist. 13. Buyer's Closing Checklist. 14. Change Of Ownership Notification Letter. 15. Mortgage Estoppel Letter.

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Travel Insurance for Vacation Rentals

The only way to keep up with the latest about Vacation Rentals is to constantly stay on the lookout for new information. If you read everything you find about Vacation Rentals, it won't take long for you to become an influential authority.

A family booked a rental cottage last summer, arrived safely and just loved the cottage. However, on the second day of their two week stay, the mom got a call to say her father was seriously ill and not expected to live. The family packed up and returned home, and sadly, her dad died a few days later. After the funeral, the renter called the cottage owner and asked what sort of refund she could expect as they had only used 2 days of their 14 day booking. The owner refused to pay any refund with the explanation that she relied on the cottage rental income to pay the costs of her cottage and it was always fully booked through the season. She was not able to find a replacement rental party at the last minute and as the rental agreement stated; if that was the case no money would be returned. Of course the rental group did not have travel insurance, which would probably have covered trip curtailment due to the illness and/or death of a close relative. The rental cost the family over $4000 and they were not able to recover a penny of that money.

Many people believe that trip insurance is only necessary if there is a flight involved; where delay, lost baggage, and the risk of the airline going bust, is covered; and medical cover is required in a foreign country. It’s not considered important, or not considered at all, to buy insurance to cover a trip taken by road to a self catering property in the same province or the same country.

The best time to learn about Vacation Rentals is before you're in the thick of things. Wise readers will keep reading to earn some valuable Vacation Rentals experience while it's still free.

Think again! Most cottage bookings are made several months in advance and many things could happen after you have booked to change your circumstances. Illnesses of any member of the traveling party, redundancy or a call to jury service are just a few of the situations that would be covered by a travel insurance policy. A few insurance companies also offer a ‘change of mind’ clause, allowing you to cancel for any reason after a booking has been made and paid in full. This normally pays out an amount sufficient to cover any cancellation fee the rental agency or owner may apply.

When you book your vacation rental property, check the property owners or agencies cancellation policies carefully. If it is not clear, ask the question. In general, most private owners and rental agencies will attempt to rebook a property if it is cancelled, and refund your money for the period they have rebooked, less a cancellation fee.

The day will come when you can use something you read about here to have a beneficial impact. Then you'll be glad you took the time to learn more about Vacation Rentals.

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